Monday, 7 May 2012

Tie-Dye on the Highway

I'm back after an unintentional hiatus in which my nails had to be cut and polish was not being my friend.

Anyways, I wanted to try a sort of tie-dye type design, due to my recent obsession with it, but I thought I'd play it safe and just do a gradient. I first painted all my nails with two coats of a cheap white Natural Collection polish (which, by the way, is surprisingly good for something costing £1-2) before sponging on China Glaze Electric Pineapple at the base of the nail with a make-up sponge

Once that was dry, I used a pale pink that may have been Barry M Strawberry sponged onto the middle of the nail and my current favourite nail polish ever to exist (OPI I Vant to be A-Lone Star) on the very tips. Finally, I used Seche Vite on top of it all to make it super shiny! It doesn't really look like tie-dye but resembles it enough to keep me happy :)

P.S Sorry for the even worse than usual photos! Not sure what happened but only one photo turned out even remotely good enough!